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Join hands to build a strong foundation of social work in Nepal


Your expertise in social work and related fields can greatly enhance our initiatives. By sharing your knowledge and skills, you contribute to the development of innovative approaches and strategies, ultimately improving the effectiveness of our programs and projects.


Financial support and donation is vital for driving our impactful programs forward. Your contributions enable us to implement and sustain initiatives that address critical social issues, making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities in need.


Partnering with us on professional training sessions, programs and workshops allows us to leverage collective expertise. Together, we can create enriching learning experiences with the knowledge and skills needed to address challenges and drive positive change.


Your assistance in conducting research studies is invaluable. Your involvement in research endeavors strengthens the evidence base for our initiatives, enhancing their effectiveness and impact.


Connecting us with relevant individuals and organizations expands our reach and influence within the community. Your network can open doors to new opportunities for collaboration, resource-sharing, and advocacy.

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Contribute through your expertise, collaborate on professional training and skill development, aid in
research projects, or support us financially through funding, and much more.