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We're thrilled that you're interested in joining our community of dedicated professional social workers committed to advancing social development and promoting quality social work education in Nepal. Join us in our mission to contribute to social development, advocate for social justice, empower communities and develop competent professional social workers across Nepal. Complete your membership application now and become part of our vibrant community of professional social workers.

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  1. Download SWAN Membership Application Form
  2. Print and fill the details
  3. Scan and save in a pdf format
    Make Payment

  1. Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Limited
  2. Account: Current Account
  3. Name: Social Workers Association Nepal
  4. Account Number: 02801030256766 (Branch: New Baneshwor)
  5. (Check the membership fees according to the membership criteria)

    Send in Email

  1. Send the pdf form in the email: swan.nepal.2014@gmail.com
  2. Attach the other required documents in the same email to get verified:
    1. Citizenship Certificate
    2. Updated CV
    3. Academic Transcript
    4. Bank Voucher or Screenshot of the Membership Fees Payment

Membership Categories

1. General Member.

Eligibility: Individuals with a professional degree of BSW, MSW, M.Phil or Ph.D in Social Work

Process: Apply with a fee (NPR 1,000.00) and two executive member recommendations

Annual Fee: NPR 1,000.00

2. Founding Member:

Criteria: Members of the ad-hoc committee during Association registration

Status: Automatically transition to lifelong members upon Association legalization

Fee: Lifelong membership fee as per statute

3. Lifelong Member:

Eligibility: General members contributing significantly to Association development

Recommendation: Requires majority approval from executive committee

Fee: Lifelong membership NPR 10,000.00

4. Advisor Member:

Criteria: Distinguished individuals supporting Association goals

Status: No membership fee; no voting rights

Eligibility: Both national and international professionals

5. Institutional Member:

Eligibility: Social organizations following individual membership process.

Voting Rights: One vote per institution.

Annual Fee: NPR 10,000.00.

6. Honorary Member:

Eligibility: Renowned figures in national or international social work.

Status: No voting rights; bestowed upon Association decision.

7. Associate Members:

Eligibility: Students currently studying Bachelor's in Social Work / Master's in Social Work

Annual Fee: NPR 500.00

Status: No voting rights; bestowed upon Association decision

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for membership in this Association, individuals must meet the following criteria:

1. Nepali Citizenship: Must be a Nepali citizen above 18 years of age.
2. Social Work Contributions: Individuals who have made remarkable contributions in the social work sector.
3. Moral Integrity: Must demonstrate moral integrity and possess a clean criminal record.
4. Mental Health: Should be mentally healthy.
5. Legal Qualification: Must not be disqualified by the law of the land.
6. Education: Minimum educational qualification of at least a bachelor's degree in social work education.
7. Supporting Spirit: Individuals demonstrating a spirit for supporting social work fraternity and flourishing social work profession and discipline.


Membership Renewal

General members are required to renew their membership annually by the end of Shrawan, upon payment of the annual fee. Failure to do so will result in membership becoming ineffective. However, an extension of three months will be granted for renewal.

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