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IFSW/ UN OHCHR CPD Course Concluded on a Successful Note

From April 24th to May 8th, a free online course, Connecting Social Work Practioners (CPD) with the UN Human Rights Mechanisms and the OHCHR, brought together social workers worldwide. The course covered critical topics like: 
1. Human rights framework in social work
2. Understanding and using UN human rights mechanisms
3. Applying knowledge in practice
4. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


The course concluded with remarks from Pradeep Wagle of the OHCHR and Rory Truell of the IFSW. They congratulated Priska Fleischlin and other IFSW commissioners for facilitating mutual learning. They agreed that the IFSW would support the OHCHR by providing community-level narratives of human rights abuses and their resolutions, which Arturo Requesens-Galnares of the UN agency highlighted as invaluable.


Additionally, Mr. Wagle accepted Rory Truell’s invitation for the OHCHR to assist a new IFSW commission dedicated to defending social workers' rights.


Ms. Sukrita Rai, President of SWAN also took part in this enlightening course. This participation highlights the global collaboration and shared commitment to enhancing social work through a robust human rights framework.