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A Research on “Theoretical Knowledge and Field Work Practice on Social Work: Students’ and Faculty's Perspectives in Nepal” | Sukrita Rai

Social work education builds up professionals who can scientifically and artistically help people with their problems. Theoretical knowledge and field work practice should go parallel. However, this is not happening in Nepal. The Purpose of this paper is to identify the factors causing the gap between applications of theoretical knowledge to field work practice, ways to minimize that gap and promotion of theory-based practice in social work education. 

The paper is based on qualitative and quantitative data. It is descriptive and exploratory in nature; describes causing phenomenon of the gap and explores ways to promote theory-based practice. Yamane formula was used to calculate sample size. 264 BA- social work students were the respondents. Simple random sampling technique is used to ensure equal probability of selection of respondents. FGD was conducted with 7 faculties of social work. 

The result shows the gap exists; the reasons behind are curriculum lacking integration of theory and local practices, lack of research, no proper practicum guidelines, lack of coordination between agencies and colleges, non- social work graduates teaching the subject, lack of seriousness in students. Theory-based practice needs to be promoted to develop competency which can help in getting social authority to work for the society.

Read the full article here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/377968296_Theoretical_Knowledge_and_Field_Work_Practice_on_Social_Work_Student's_and_Faculty's_Perspectives_in_Nepal