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Tracing the Path: A Brief History of Social Work in Nepal

Nepal's history is steeped in a tradition of community solidarity and support, where individuals came together to address the needs of their fellow community members.

Historically, social welfare in Nepal was deeply ingrained in the fabric of society, with the concept of mutual help guiding communal efforts to aid those in need. Religious philosophy, institutions, and commandments played a significant role in supporting the need for communal effort to mitigate social problems by providing shelter, food, and assistance to the vulnerable.

Today, social work in Nepal continues to adapt to modern challenges, leveraging technology and collaboration to reach marginalized communities. The principles of social justice and community empowerment remain central as Nepal strives for a more equitable and resilient society.

In summary, Nepal's journey in social work reflects its rich history of compassion and collective action, paving the way for a brighter future built on solidarity and support.

In today's dynamic society, the complexities of social problems have also increased. To address these complex issues, a scientific and systematic outlook became necessary. Consequently, various academic institutions recognized the need for social work education and the practice based on this foundation.