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Uniting Nepali social workers, amplifying the impact

Established in 2013, Social Workers’ Association Nepal (SWAN) is the national association of professional social workers in Nepal. Since 2017, SWAN is the member of International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW). It has been established with the joint effort of social workers to further contribute to the social development and the quality of social work education initiatives in Nepal. SWAN aims at promoting social work education, knowledge and practice for the wellbeing of people and the planet, especially the needy one in Nepal. In order to create and maintain professional social workers in the field of social policies, SWAN works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members.



SWAN strives for social justice, human rights and social development through the promotion of social work education, social work best practice models and the facilitation of national and international collaboration.

The mission of SWAN is to enhance social development through professional growth and development of social workers. SWAN is committed to fostering socially responsible and effective social organizations while advocating for an equitable and just society.



SWAN governance structure is designed to ensure that the organization is responsible for the needs of our members and the profession. SWAN is governed by the General Assembly. SWAN members are the ultimate authority of the organization responsible for electing the executive committee, approving the annual program and budget, approve rules, regulations, and policies. The general assembly meets annually and biannually as per the need.

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Association and shall be responsible for setting policies and managing the activities of the Association. The constitution and the bylaws of SWAN frame the structure and responsibilities of the Executive Committee.

Code of Ethics

As Nepali professional social workers do not have their own code of ethics, till its formation and validation, it urges them to follow the global social work statement of ethical principles of IFSW.


SWAN shall follow human rights principles; right-based and participatory approaches, social justice, worth and dignity, peace, and collaboration to promote value-based professional social work education adhering to the principles and ethics established in professional social work. It shall always work for improvement of quality social work education to develop skillful and competent human resources required for better services to the clients as disadvantaged individual, groups and communities to bring positive social change and wellbeing.


The goals of SWAN are:

1. Promote standards of social work practice to achieve social development and social change.
2. Facilitate cooperation with the Government of Nepal, and national and international social organizations.
3. Exchange of technology and knowledge with International/ Regional/ National institutions.
4. Provide support to academic institutions for developing standards curriculum in social work and its promotion.
5. Policy advocacy on social development issues, social policy, social justice, peace, social security, social inclusion and human rights.
6. Research existing social, economic, cultural, environmental and indigenous social work best practices in Nepal and publications.
7. Establish a network with social work communities and academic institutions at the National and Global level.
8. Work in close collaboration with different social organizations to improve the socio-economic condition of marginalized communities.

Executive Members

Meet the Executive Members

Sukrita Rai


MSW | Head of Department | Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University

Pratik Sharma Lamichhane

Vice President

Ph.D Student | Faculty Member, Department of Social Work, TU

Sadhana Thapa

General Secretary

MSW | MA in Expressive Arts Therapy

Saroj Giri


PhD Scholar | Faculty Member, Department of Social Work, TU | Head of Department, Department of Social Work, Goldengate International College

Sudip Lama Waiba


MSW | Former Liaison and Logistics Officer at Canadian Forces Disaster Assistance Response Team

Rajesh Man Singh


MBS/BASW/BBS Program Coordinator at St. Lawrence College

Sanjeev Dahal


Ph.D in Social Work | Boston College

General Members

Meet the General Members

Founder Members

  1. Dr. Dilli Ram Adhikari
  2. Mr. Om Krishna Shrestha
  3. Mr. Krishna Sundar Khaitu
  4. Ms. Samjhana Bhetwal
  5. Ms. Kriti Bhattarai


Lifetime Members

  1. Mr. Trichandra Poudel
  2. Ms. Sukrita Rai
  3. Mr. Pratik Sharma Lamichhane
  4. Ms. Sadhana Thapa
  5. Mr. Saroj Giree
  6. Mr. Sudip Lama Waiba
  7. Mr. Rajesh Man Singh
  8. Mr. Sanjeev Dahal


General Members

  1. Ms. Sunita Bishunki
  2. Ms. Sophiya Moktan
  3. Ms. Helen Silwal
  4. Ms. Sapana Subba
  5. Ms. Shreesha Shakya
  6. Mr. Janal Raj Hamal
  7. Ms. Anima Shrestha
  8. Ms. Preeti Shrestha
  9. Ms. Victory Thapa
  10. Mr. Abhishek Shrestha
  11. Ms. Sanjiya Shrestha

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